About Us

We at Team CordRite are excited to share our new product with you.

We created CordRite because we were fed up with messy cords everywhere. The first step was cleaning the desk top – computers, printers, modems, routers – each with at least one cord. Then came all those cords & cables around the TV & sound system. Soon it was phone & tablet charges, lamps, radios, & kitchen appliances. Next up we used CordRite on a few loose cords around the bathroom. From there we cleaned up the work bench in the CordRite shop (why we didn’t start here is still a mystery). We moved on to tidy up the extension cords, power tools, & even coils of rope & twine in the garage with various sizes of CordRite. To see these and other uses for CordRite have a look at www.cordrite.com.

Now we want to know how you use your CordRite. Send us photos and videos. We’ll post the best ones. We’ll give prizes. The world will see how you’ve used CordRite to tame the tangle of everyday life. Who knows, you could become famous. Show up on Ellen. If you do, be sure to mention CordRite. If not, you’ll still have neat, organized cords and cable thanks to CordRite. You’re welcome.

Send your photos and video to teamcordrite@cordrite.com. You can also go to Amazon and create your own review of CordRite. We hope you will.

Thank you from Team CordRite.